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The Fizz

Did you know Prosecco can only be called ‘prosecco’ if it is reduced with the Glera grape and is served in a glass bottle with a volume no more than 3 litres. Which means, by Italian law we must brand our Prosecco as Frizzante, as our kegs hold more than 3 litres.

Our Prosecco/Frizzante is delicious - we have many years of experience of tasting Prosecco, and this one is our favourite. Its refreshing with a gentle fizz on your tongue and doesn’t make your feel bloated as Champagne would, (a great excuse to sample more). Our fizz is 10% ABV.

Our kegs of sparkling wine contain the same delicious product as our bottles but Italian law dictates that Prosecco can only be called Prosecco if served from a glass bottle of no more than 3 litres in volume. And that's why our draught is called Frizzante for this reason alone.

We R Fizz serves flash-cooled Frizzante and Peroni Nastro Azzuro Larger on tap, so there is no need to pre-chill hundreds of bottles. This removes the need to hire cumbersome refrigeration units and dozens of ice buckets.

The Frizzante comes by the barrel with each barrel containing 160 glasses of lovely ready-to-drink bubbly. There are no bottles to open (or dispose of) and is lovingly served by our professional staff.

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